Symbiosis – a poem about……….

I have become consumed by an entity that must surely be of an alien origin, for I do not believe that what flows through my body and mind can be the product of humanity. My fragile senses become heightened as the blackness begins to consume me, its slippery tendrils of pain wrap around the entirety … Continue reading Symbiosis – a poem about……….

Promised – a poem about………

I vowed to build walls around us, protecting love and life, she would want for nothing, other than what I could give. Lies lead to more untruth, gut-wrenching bile serving the proof, as I recognised, that I was nothing other than a misspent youth. Yet, there was a union, formed through bitterness and confusion, at … Continue reading Promised – a poem about………

Bandage – a poem about………..

Save me from myself, shield me from this darkness, bandage my angry wounds, help me to breathe freely. Cleanse my bloodiness, wipe clear my sins, stitch me back together, embrace my frailty. Infect me with a life, ingest what is within me, draw my blood together, then inject me into you. Sorry, I'm such a … Continue reading Bandage – a poem about………..

Calm – a poem about……..

I watch as my shattered reflection falls to its knees, bruising the body that I unwillingly share in a twisted unison, praying that my mirrored self won't hurt me so badly, that the blood loss isn't too severe. Pain is so very necessary, yet, annoying and cumbersome, for it presents itself within moments of rationalised … Continue reading Calm – a poem about……..