Heal the Pain – a poem about……….

I asked a simple question how do I end the suffering? Answers and suggestions were varied so, I tried them all in the hope of freedom. Religion was full of lies and false promises. Too many pills in one go made me sick blades made a Sickly red mess none of which helped to heal … Continue reading Heal the Pain – a poem about……….

Alone in my Head – a poem about………..

With eyes closed tightly the noise inside my head intensifies ruining the moments when I should sleep as if interrupted by an unruly child. Voices are cruel and abusive making me feel insignificant taking satisfaction at my misery forcing themselves outward into my reality. Despite my best intentions I cannot ignore the voices even when … Continue reading Alone in my Head – a poem about………..

Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Under the old Willow tree Sits a man who is just like me Telling tales of how he lost his soul With memories of when he last fell whole Recollecting the many moments of pain Which continued to suffocate his brain. Searing pain that burned so bright Which he tried to resist with all of … Continue reading Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Sickly Sweet – a poem about…..

My need for you is obvious, for without you inside of me, I begin to lose myself in the darkness, of a world that I do not control. Dissolve freely into my bloodstream, saturate me with your rain, let me taste you upon my skin, embrace me tightly with your fluidity. Drown me deep within … Continue reading Sickly Sweet – a poem about…..

Split – a poem about………..

There are more than one of me, three in fact, all screaming to be heard, whilst surviving within. Our voices are often shared, despite being ignored, by all three of us, as we collectively mock ourselves. I am totally here, even when absent, because I'm so damn dominant, directing the other two to act. Number … Continue reading Split – a poem about………..

Choke – a poem about……….

It is my time, the stage is free and expecting, my moment is now, words so carefully prepared, most respected and known blindly, are now gone as my mind goes blank. Air escapes my lungs, forcing me to fight for breath, I'm lost inside myself, fear consumes my form aggressively, vesting me in a fight … Continue reading Choke – a poem about……….

Bandage – a poem about………..

Save me from myself, shield me from this darkness, bandage my angry wounds, help me to breathe freely. Cleanse my bloodiness, wipe clear my sins, stitch me back together, embrace my frailty. Infect me with a life, ingest what is within me, draw my blood together, then inject me into you. Sorry, I'm such a … Continue reading Bandage – a poem about………..