Is This The Moment? – a poem about……….

Anxiety is strangling me forcing air out of my already battered lungs. I cannot deal with this distraction not on top of every other pained emotion I feel. I want these nightmares to end. Contemplating the pros and cons of life has taken its toll and it bores me, I’m finished and need it to … Continue reading Is This The Moment? – a poem about……….

I am Nothing and Something – a poem about…….

I am nothing! Worthless in my opinion Not deserving of existence Or of your affection Because I have nothing to give. Then you remark with a tender phrase Beautifully reminding me That I gave you my heart and soul Which you have lovingly reciprocated. I AM, something!

Bandage – a poem about………..

Save me from myself, shield me from this darkness, bandage my angry wounds, help me to breathe freely. Cleanse my bloodiness, wipe clear my sins, stitch me back together, embrace my frailty. Infect me with a life, ingest what is within me, draw my blood together, then inject me into you. Sorry, I'm such a … Continue reading Bandage – a poem about………..

My Broken Heart – a poem about……….

I’m left recumbent on a hospital bed wired to machines that blink and whir incessantly recording the irregular patterns made by my heart which is now battling against new levels of panic. I’m trapped inside a brightly illuminated room nauseated by its antiseptic aroma unsettled further as the cannula enters a vein its unwelcome sting … Continue reading My Broken Heart – a poem about……….

I Do Not Want This – a poem about………

When you get too near can you not see the tear that exists on my face as if tattooed in place. It trickles down my skin exposing what is felt within illustrating that all's not well reminding me that I'm in hell. Separating what is whole dividing me from my soul killing what I feel … Continue reading I Do Not Want This – a poem about………

Pride – a poem about ………….

Let us savour this time offering applause as you dance capturing your smile for prosperity as genuine pride washes over us. We held your hand with passion dutifully supporting your needs fighting your battles in our heads knowing that you'd defeat adversity. Now, we celebrate your success laughing together as one dismissing those fraught moments … Continue reading Pride – a poem about ………….

Pale Walls – a poem about………

I get all, distorted as you stare at pale walls what an obscure numb forcing me down into the dirt You like me, distorted aroused when I hurt such a strange dead buzz holding tight as you fade into the dirt We're entwined and, distorted our faces blur into new colours then I laugh at … Continue reading Pale Walls – a poem about………