Contradictory Mindset – a poem about………..

A relationship with your own mind, can be a tempestuous one at times. It is an often bizarre partnership of sorts, as you both compete for authority. When providing me with sensible thoughts or suggestions as to a possible course of action, I am thankful and do anything within my capability to keep my mind … Continue reading Contradictory Mindset – a poem about………..

Bandage – a poem about………..

Save me from myself, shield me from this darkness, bandage my angry wounds, help me to breathe freely. Cleanse my bloodiness, wipe clear my sins, stitch me back together, embrace my frailty. Infect me with a life, ingest what is within me, draw my blood together, then inject me into you. Sorry, I'm such a … Continue reading Bandage – a poem about………..

I Do Not Want This – a poem about………

When you get too near can you not see the tear that exists on my face as if tattooed in place. It trickles down my skin exposing what is felt within illustrating that all's not well reminding me that I'm in hell. Separating what is whole dividing me from my soul killing what I feel … Continue reading I Do Not Want This – a poem about………

Swallow – a poem about……..

I swallow your sweet nectar forever changing my landscape forgetting everything most relevant whilst staring at an expression most vacant. What are you? Who was I before you came to me? How do you manage to encapsulate me so easily? Is this a test or some cruel form of trickery? Questions remain unanswered yet, I … Continue reading Swallow – a poem about……..