Exit – a poem about……..

Love was merely a word used without true purpose or soul, there was never a true connection or rich emotion to bear such justice to love, it was just a word. What we provided for ourselves other was nothing more than opportunity, a chance to be free from an even more fruitless and toxic existence, … Continue reading Exit – a poem about……..

Promised – a poem about………

I vowed to build walls around us, protecting love and life, she would want for nothing, other than what I could give. Lies lead to more untruth, gut-wrenching bile serving the proof, as I recognised, that I was nothing other than a misspent youth. Yet, there was a union, formed through bitterness and confusion, at … Continue reading Promised – a poem about………

Bandage – a poem about………..

Save me from myself, shield me from this darkness, bandage my angry wounds, help me to breathe freely. Cleanse my bloodiness, wipe clear my sins, stitch me back together, embrace my frailty. Infect me with a life, ingest what is within me, draw my blood together, then inject me into you. Sorry, I'm such a … Continue reading Bandage – a poem about………..

Supersick – Tales of Twisted Superheroes is out now

Tired of wholesome heroes? Bored of 'super'  Boy Scouts? Sick of soft origin stories? Introducing the 'Supersick'. A ragtag assortment of degenerate heroes from the twisted minds of some of today's most talented indie authors. These are not your standard superheroes. This anthology contains sick and sadistic origin stories, macabre meanderings on the meaning of … Continue reading Supersick – Tales of Twisted Superheroes is out now