Split – a poem about………..

There are more than one of me, three in fact, all screaming to be heard, whilst surviving within. Our voices are often shared, despite being ignored, by all three of us, as we collectively mock ourselves. I am totally here, even when absent, because I'm so damn dominant, directing the other two to act. Number … Continue reading Split – a poem about………..

Version 10.0 – a poem about……..

My programming has become corrupted data files are either encrypted or absent core system processes are beginning to fail causing me to crash and then shut down. Rebooting is a tedious procedure sometimes I don’t load correctly rendering me less than fully operational unable to process the more complex of commands. Help me to understand … Continue reading Version 10.0 – a poem about……..

Jigsaw Puzzle – a poem about……….

Separated into fragments broken and irregular distorted by darkened memories burned so black they're now irrelevant waiting for you to appear to embrace me with your tenderness. Some days, I do feel better though I still wander blindly onward hoping that you will hold my hand show me what I cannot see to recognise what … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle – a poem about……….

C.R.A.S.H D.O.W.N – a poem about……..

Catatonia erupts around me Resulting in pessimistic responses Abnormality of mindset Sends negative vibes outward Harbouring thoughts of resistance. Depression bites into my soul once more Opening old scars from yesteryear Widening the gap between pain and calm Nulling everything I feel.

H.Y.P.E.R A.C.T.I.V.E – a poem about…..

Heightened senses positively awakened Yearning to entertain everyone near Parading around like a happy clown Energised by the influx of serotonin Revelling in the attention Acutely aware that this mood will not last Coming down isn’t within my control Terrified by what’s yet to come Ignoring my instability Vicariously watching the world around me Expecting … Continue reading H.Y.P.E.R A.C.T.I.V.E – a poem about…..

Endless Voices – a poem about……

My mind is consumed by shadows forcing me to scratch against my skin drawing blood from wounds of old picking at the scabs again. I'm down wading through this senseless mind tired by these endless voices calling out my name in vain. I'm still crawling on all fours debilitated by what I’ve seen wallowing in … Continue reading Endless Voices – a poem about……