Tragedy and Comedy – a poem about…

I'm not always this happy I often hide behind a strained smile Forever playing the role of the joker Doing whatever I can to amuse you Sometimes I don't feel too well and I find it hard keeping it together. my mind wanders off from my reach leaving me confused and unsure of myself Then, … Continue reading Tragedy and Comedy – a poem about…

Among the Shadows – a poem about……….

My heart and mind were torn in two leaving splinters of me in the dirt fighting desperately for breath slowly suffocating in a world of ignorance. I tried to hide among the shadows because nobody would listen to my story they simply watched as I imploded none of them appeared to care. No one noticed … Continue reading Among the Shadows – a poem about……….

I am Nothing and Something – a poem about…….

I am nothing! Worthless in my opinion Not deserving of existence Or of your affection Because I have nothing to give. Then you remark with a tender phrase Beautifully reminding me That I gave you my heart and soul Which you have lovingly reciprocated. I AM, something!

Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Under the old Willow tree Sits a man who is just like me Telling tales of how he lost his soul With memories of when he last fell whole Recollecting the many moments of pain Which continued to suffocate his brain. Searing pain that burned so bright Which he tried to resist with all of … Continue reading Willow Tree – a poem about……….

What Have I Become? – a poem about……..

What have I become? Is any of this real? Slipped into the past No longer can I feel. Darkness floods me eyes Scratching away my sight Removed from myself I begin to lose the fight. What have I become? When I have to hide away Free from your vitriol Don't expect me to pray. Blackened … Continue reading What Have I Become? – a poem about……..

Random Memory – a poem about…….

My mind isn't what it used to be. Well, of course, it isn't. For it has experienced so much during my life, that it's impossible to collate every piece of information processed. It has stored every thought created which in turn prompted action and or, reaction. Many of the actions processed and acted upon were … Continue reading Random Memory – a poem about…….

Rain – a poem about……..

Sombre tones of the wretched weather, cast its cheerless blanket of rain over me, with unsympathetic purpose, dampening my already melancholy mood. I look up to the ill-tempered sky, warmth and exuberance from yesterday now absent, becoming mournful of its own state. While the sky continues to cry, I connect with its misery, sharing its … Continue reading Rain – a poem about……..

Split – a poem about………..

There are more than one of me, three in fact, all screaming to be heard, whilst surviving within. Our voices are often shared, despite being ignored, by all three of us, as we collectively mock ourselves. I am totally here, even when absent, because I'm so damn dominant, directing the other two to act. Number … Continue reading Split – a poem about………..

Version 10.0 – a poem about……..

My programming has become corrupted data files are either encrypted or absent core system processes are beginning to fail causing me to crash and then shut down. Rebooting is a tedious procedure sometimes I don’t load correctly rendering me less than fully operational unable to process the more complex of commands. Help me to understand … Continue reading Version 10.0 – a poem about……..

Jigsaw Puzzle – a poem about……….

Separated into fragments broken and irregular distorted by darkened memories burned so black they're now irrelevant waiting for you to appear to embrace me with your tenderness. Some days, I do feel better though I still wander blindly onward hoping that you will hold my hand show me what I cannot see to recognise what … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle – a poem about……….