The Hating – a poem about…

I didn't think it was possible for me to store so much hatred inside my soul. Thankfully it's kept well hidden deep down in my core, where it lingers as nothing more than a long term reminder, of a time when you took delight in torturing my soul. Memories cannot fade in the same way … Continue reading The Hating – a poem about…

Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Under the old Willow tree Sits a man who is just like me Telling tales of how he lost his soul With memories of when he last fell whole Recollecting the many moments of pain Which continued to suffocate his brain. Searing pain that burned so bright Which he tried to resist with all of … Continue reading Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Hopeful Dreams and Damaged Nightmares – a poem about………

I enjoy dreaming about the nice parts of my life. Wonderful family holidays, Nights alone with my wife, To be truthful, I think about her constantly. Days out with friends, chatting nonsense and drinking ale. Watching our kids growing up and fulfilling their own aspirations. Weekends off from work, Undertaking home improvement tasks when I … Continue reading Hopeful Dreams and Damaged Nightmares – a poem about………

Why is it so Dark? – a poem about……….

I stare at my pained reflection in the window. Watching as my family busy themselves around me, dealing with whatever last minute detail needs to be attended too, whilst I stand motionless trying to rehearse a brave smile. They've not seen the darkness of the swirling shadow dancing behind me, or how it caresses my … Continue reading Why is it so Dark? – a poem about……….

Choke – a poem about……….

It is my time, the stage is free and expecting, my moment is now, words so carefully prepared, most respected and known blindly, are now gone as my mind goes blank. Air escapes my lungs, forcing me to fight for breath, I'm lost inside myself, fear consumes my form aggressively, vesting me in a fight … Continue reading Choke – a poem about……….

Version 10.0 – a poem about……..

My programming has become corrupted data files are either encrypted or absent core system processes are beginning to fail causing me to crash and then shut down. Rebooting is a tedious procedure sometimes I don’t load correctly rendering me less than fully operational unable to process the more complex of commands. Help me to understand … Continue reading Version 10.0 – a poem about……..

My Broken Heart – a poem about……….

I’m left recumbent on a hospital bed wired to machines that blink and whir incessantly recording the irregular patterns made by my heart which is now battling against new levels of panic. I’m trapped inside a brightly illuminated room nauseated by its antiseptic aroma unsettled further as the cannula enters a vein its unwelcome sting … Continue reading My Broken Heart – a poem about……….

Every Day – a poem about…….

Every day, I take the same journey, A dull struggle to reach where I need to be, fighting against the constant flow of tedium, whilst attempting to maintain a sense of focus. Every day, I stare hard at the mirror, resenting the image presented before me, crawling into my sheltered world of false security, adding … Continue reading Every Day – a poem about…….

Sin – a poem about……….

Spirit adorned in black descends upon me consuming my fragile and worthless mind forcing me to repent from within. Hours spent listening to sermons failed to heal my tattered soul raising more questions than answers I'm seduced by the serpent once more. Holy Mother why do you let me bleed? why didn't you embrace me … Continue reading Sin – a poem about……….