Horror – a poem about……..

Horror, What does it mean to you? Is it jump scares in the moments of dark silence, or the feeling of being watched when you're completely alone? Could it be that you are scared of monsters that claw at your body before feasting on your flesh? Trapped inside a tomb as you slowly exhaust the … Continue reading Horror – a poem about……..

Tattoo – a poem about ……….

This ink on my skin tells a story about me which may not be obvious to you at first sight especially if all you see if yet ‘another tattoo’ permanently etched onto flesh as a fashion statement. I’ll not argue with your viewpoint if you disagree that my ink is a fantastic piece of art … Continue reading Tattoo – a poem about ……….

Alone in my Head – a poem about………..

With eyes closed tightly the noise inside my head intensifies ruining the moments when I should sleep as if interrupted by an unruly child. Voices are cruel and abusive making me feel insignificant taking satisfaction at my misery forcing themselves outward into my reality. Despite my best intentions I cannot ignore the voices even when … Continue reading Alone in my Head – a poem about………..

Is This The Moment? – a poem about……….

Anxiety is strangling me forcing air out of my already battered lungs. I cannot deal with this distraction not on top of every other pained emotion I feel. I want these nightmares to end. Contemplating the pros and cons of life has taken its toll and it bores me, I’m finished and need it to … Continue reading Is This The Moment? – a poem about……….

Throw It Away – a poem about……..

Fractured memories the ones that hurt the most I forgot how much they sting could have ended it, almost. Curse my tainted eyes for they still feel the same they’ve seen much suffering their gaze still seeks to blame. I surrendered to a faith thought I would give it a try embraced a twisted vision … Continue reading Throw It Away – a poem about……..

Among the Shadows – a poem about……….

My heart and mind were torn in two leaving splinters of me in the dirt fighting desperately for breath slowly suffocating in a world of ignorance. I tried to hide among the shadows because nobody would listen to my story they simply watched as I imploded none of them appeared to care. No one noticed … Continue reading Among the Shadows – a poem about……….

I am Nothing and Something – a poem about…….

I am nothing! Worthless in my opinion Not deserving of existence Or of your affection Because I have nothing to give. Then you remark with a tender phrase Beautifully reminding me That I gave you my heart and soul Which you have lovingly reciprocated. I AM, something!

Puppet – a poem about……

Unlike you I’m still in pain Because you’re so real. I called to God Asked if he’d cleanse you From my filthy mind. Yet he declined Then ordered to me To kneel in shame. I cut myself Letting the blood fall In your memory. In my darkest mind You retain control of me I am … Continue reading Puppet – a poem about……

Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Under the old Willow tree Sits a man who is just like me Telling tales of how he lost his soul With memories of when he last fell whole Recollecting the many moments of pain Which continued to suffocate his brain. Searing pain that burned so bright Which he tried to resist with all of … Continue reading Willow Tree – a poem about……….