Black Icicles – a poem about…

Blackened thoughts
Consume me from within once more
Drowning me in the coldest waters of hate
Forcing me down on to my knees again
Threatening to determine my fate.

I see no hope of escape
From this twisted affliction
That is worsened by addiction
As my thoughts give way
To desires of an unnatural silence.

Nothing changes
I know that now
Apart from the deterioration of my senses
Which are now becoming a mere memory
Forcing my heart to wither and die.

Black icicles begin to form over my body
A testament to the cold generated from my frozen soul
Now devoid of all warmth, love and hope.

I see the end
The future laid out before me
It is no longer one of comfort
But a world of eternal pain.

I am so sorry my love
Do not follow me.

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