Fade Away – a poem about…

Please hold me
Tightly in your arms
Calm my erratic breathing
Before taking away the pain
That clouds my mind
Interrupting everything I do
Making me so weak and worthless
Desperate to find some resolution.

I am locked in desperation
Scared of what comes next
As my mind deals another cruel blow
Leaving me ashamed of my reflection
Hate consumes me frequently
Targeting my insecurity
Whispering through wicked voices
Tempting me to end it all.

You could be free from this
If only you would let me fade away
Into the darkness of my mind
That has poisoned my soul with bile
Save yourself, my love
From this mental disease
Be free from the binds I cast upon you
Find comfort in a world I can’t Infect.

Though I hope you will not listen
To my damaged instructions
Finding enough left within my mind
To remain entwined as promised
In matrimony built with love
Shared through our connected hearts
Forever will you be my angel
Eternally will I be part of you.

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