Symbiosis – a poem about……….

I have become consumed by an entity that must surely be of an alien origin,
for I do not believe that what flows through my body and mind can be the product of humanity.
My fragile senses become heightened as the blackness begins to consume me,
its slippery tendrils of pain wrap around the entirety of my body,
swallowing me wholly into its mouth of black shadows and acrid pain,
whilst new skin forms on top of my own.
It is black in colour through my eyes and yet,
oddly transparent to those who gaze upon me.
They do not seem afraid of the beast that stands before them,
wrestling angrily against the parasite which claims me as its host.
Pain fills my diluted mind as well as my weakened limbs,
as disease interrupts my thoughts before pathetically submitting control of my body to the wicked demon.

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