What Have I Become? – a poem about……..

What have I become?
Is any of this real?
Slipped into the past
No longer can I feel.

Darkness floods me eyes
Scratching away my sight
Removed from myself
I begin to lose the fight.

What have I become?
When I have to hide away
Free from your vitriol
Don’t expect me to pray.

Blackened wounds on arms
Mementos of a tattered life
Pain filled bones and mind
Battle onward through the strife.

What have I become?
Despising my own reflection
Hating the imagery seen
Damning this projection.

Falling deeper and deeper
Unable to predict how it will end
Calling out to you daily
Asking if it’s something you can mend?

What have I become?
Visualising the time of my death
Fearfully rejecting the presentation
Of how I draw my final breath.

I’m on my knees once more
Projecting myself to you
Despite everything that’s wrong
I count on your love so true.

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