Meagle – an extract from a horror novella WIP

I’ve been very busy lately, writing a number of dark/horror short stories. Most of the short stories have found their way into my forthcoming book, Dark Dreams Never Die, which will be released later this year. However, one short story has outgrown itself and has now manifested into a full-blown, living and breathing story that can only live in a body of its own. In other words, it will be released as a novella.

I’d like to share with you an extract from the early stages of the writing process, which has formed the basic construct of chapter 1. I hope you enjoy reading it and of course, please feel free to offer forth any comments, irrespective of whether they are positive, negative or simply a collection of abusive words. It’s all cool with me.

‘Meagle’ – a WIP

Lincoln tried to run before being wrestled to the ground by the long grey sharp tongue of the beast, which coiled around the canine’s lower body. Lincoln raised his puppy dog eyes upward, attempting to make some sort of animal connection with the horrifying beast that had presented itself before him. It was foul. Bloodied fangs and battered talons were readied to an almost erotic frenzy. They needed more flesh and blood, and it would come freely if they operated correctly. The beast ripped Lincoln cleanly in two with its powerful hands, projecting the dog’s intestines and other vital organs across the woodland clearing, before greedily devouring what was left. Olly and Sam both defiled themselves with the latter also vomiting violently. The beast was busy crunching the bones of the dog before it reached back over to grab the stationary body of Louie. There was plenty of flesh remaining on the carcass and it knew better than to waste fresh meat. Olly and Sam gained enough composure to quietly step away from the feeding monster. Once at the nearest clearing, the terrified youths ran as fast as their shit stained trousers would allow them.

Dark, angry eyes watched as the person in bright clothing foraged further into the woodland clearing, calling out a word that it struggled to understand at first. As it listened carefully, it formed the syllables together, ‘lin con, lin con’. It was surely a name. The beast growled softly, satisfied it had recalled some human faculties. It watched as the brightly coloured human person trod further into the rougher woodland, repeatedly shouting out the word ‘lin con’ knowing that it would stumble across something of interest if kept pursuing the track. It watched almost excitedly, as the human person reached the deepest point by Willow pool.

Jenny let loose a mangled scream of agony and disgust as she discovered the freshly dismembered remains of a dog. Most of the flesh and fur had been stripped from the bone in a frenzied attack. She could not help but lose the content of her stomach on the floor as fought back tears. Scattered bones with remnants of flesh attached littered the clearing, as did the half-chewed blue leather collar that held a tag with the name Lincoln embossed upon it.

A loud gravelly roar echoed through the Willow pool clearing, prompting Jenny to snap out of her grief and run.

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