Little People – a poem about……..

Dictate to me one last time, I dare you!

I will not remain silent, or conform to your every whim,
neither will I ‘put up’ or ‘shut up’ and allow you to begin
domination of those who you consider an underling.

I WILL fight back!

Against your oppression, that fuels my depression and whilst I wish not for aggression,
I will speak forth, to enable progression.

But, I am like many.
One of the little people, here to provide and yet you retain the power to decide,
if what I do is good enough,
whilst I cling to my pride.

It’s all I have left!

Nothing more can I give,
in this world, you insist that I live,
because you won’t shed a tear,
when my end becomes near,
and I simply cannot be.

Let me, be me.

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