Embittered Communication – a poem about…….

I recall the times you told the stories with prominence
we knelt in unison, simultaneously ingesting your dogmatic views
questions formed, silently burning me inside a world of conflict
sin was manufactured, keeping us in line and obediently curious.

Fundamental justification juxtaposed, against an individual ideology
painful retribution administered to those in doubt
souls cast forth without hesitation or heartfelt consideration
punished, and separated from the flock – to wander in darkness.

There was a time when your words did fit, but I let them disappear
suffocated in your world so real, unaware of the damage caused
I gave myself, so you’d make me holy – shaping myself in your image
then you let me fall into your web of lies, flailing me as if cursed.

These battered bones, they did fall – into the dust of indiscretion
resolute, they did regrow – to formulate feelings of normal desire
I found love – which was so pure, not clouded by your second guessing
then they revealed me – free from your embittered communication.

In time you fell – succumbing to the flesh, unable to suppress your lechery
denying the form, through sermons shared, you retained the hold
of brainwashed minds, so weakened by – obsession with blind devotion
yet, you were seen – to commit sin, no chance to blame another.

Your degeneracy was kept well hidden, swept aside with minimal ease
then in your place, another stood – to share the same blinkered direction
re-connect – the flock and herd them in, reignite the faith that has been battered
no surprise, as they walk in line, happy to live with indoctrination.

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