Every Day – a poem about…….

Every day, I take the same journey,
A dull struggle to reach where I need to be,
fighting against the constant flow of tedium,
whilst attempting to maintain a sense of focus.

Every day, I stare hard at the mirror,
resenting the image presented before me,
crawling into my sheltered world of false security,
adding another scar to the plentiful collection.

Every day, I wake to the sounds of internal voices,
they shout obscenities loudly in my direction,
celebrating with a macabre sense of satisfaction when I break,
reveling at the point of my self-resignation.

Every day, I ask myself the same question,
is any part of this existence truly worth it?
Or am I simply a character in a game?
Bound to the confines of pre-programmed code.

Every day, I battle against demons,
attempting to smite them in their desire for blood,
refusing to concede the fight they bring forth,
determined to rise strongly and repel their advance.

Every day, I kiss her sweetly and with love,
formulating new plans for our future with fervent desire,
energised and renewed by her embrace,
I step forth and repeat the cycle once more.

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