Glimmer – a poem about…………

It all started with a fist.
Projected with force against my sweet cheek,
propelling claret liquid outward,
against my shirt, the floor and those who stood near.
Despite their cheer, mostly formed by fear, I doubt they would really want to be near,
what was to become.
For let me be truthful, the bully was brutal,
and displayed a passion for the kill.
Cheering and learning as his boot came to place,
forcing me downwards and connecting with my face,
which I’d tried hard to protect, despite the disgrace,
sight and vision temporarily disrupted.
They said that the bully enjoyed his moment,
to a chorus of raucous appreciation,
irrespective of truth said,
it helped fuel my retaliation.
Whilst I hated, I waited until my time was right,
for as time grew longer, I became the stronger.
It was my intent on taking forth the fight,
against the one who used to inflict the pain so regularly,
not that it mattered to him anymore,
as his eyes focussed on the female form, seeking more than another subway brawl,
the bully had found a life more desirable,
changing his mindset overnight.
Yet, I would not forget.
I was always there, watching as he did move,
not that he could prove,
for I did glimmer like a ghost.
His head did whirl, whilst kissing the girl he was so lucky to be dating,
for annoyingly from the corner of his eye, he did spy me lurking and waiting.
As in the movies, the time came true,
and I attacked running the bully through,
not too extreme nor to the point of death,
when his cheeks did turn so white,
I allowed him breath,
for I was victorious in fight.
I swear that I did witness a tear,
form in his eyes,
forcing me to realise and despise what I had become,
a reflection,
of the bully who had attacked,
so many years before.
Revenge lead me to hold on to the fight,
when in truth my heartfelt fright.
Losing and winning,
is just the beginning to a life we can lose,
if we don’t stop, slow down and then reflect,
upon the voices in our head.

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