Passenger – a poem about………

You held me tightly hoping I’d comply,
Pushing me down against my free will,
Breaking more than just a spirit and bone,
You left me bleeding and wanting to die.

I was just a passenger in your car,
Never expecting to be treated this way,
Used as a toy for your amusement,
Still cannot believe you took it so far.

Getting it out and making me touch it,
Enjoying every moment as it passed,
Torturing my poor twisted body,
Laughing out loud as you made me spit.

Taking me in body and mind,
Stealing all of my innocence,
Draining everything you could from me,
Leaving me crying hard and so blind.

2 thoughts on “Passenger – a poem about………

  1. Paul,
    Strong and brave words. your courage is commendable for you to share. As I have found poetry is a healer and I hope it helps you in some way. I have shared dark thoughts and experiences but have yet to step over my final barrier. Such words knock on the door of dark vaults.
    Best wishes


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