Supersick – Tales of Twisted Superheroes is out now

Tired of wholesome heroes? Bored of ‘super’  Boy Scouts? Sick of soft origin stories? Introducing the ‘Supersick’. A ragtag assortment of degenerate heroes from the twisted minds of some of today’s most talented indie authors. These are not your standard superheroes. This anthology contains sick and sadistic origin stories, macabre meanderings on the meaning of being a hero and sinister smackdowns between the weird and worrying. Unpleasant adventures await. Some scenes may disturb and sicken…..why else would you pick this up!! Welcome to the world of the Super-Sick.

Leading from the first few pages is my piece ‘I Am The Black Mist’ which is the nastiest piece of poetry/prose I have written to date. You can buy the book from Amazon either in paperback or Kindle here.

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