Somewhere in the Middle – a poem for National Poetry Day 2017

Digesting your ideas and theirs, before spewing them out as my own.
For what do we become if we are to remain silent, merely cast aside as ignorant?
Nay, for I have a mind that vibrantly mixes the colours together, swirling them round to form something new.
I am somewhere in the middle, of you and them.
A different colour, not one painted red or dyed blue and most certainly not purple.
I will not simply say that I am either, orange, yellow or green.
For those are the colours that will blend into the most obscure mixture of brownish / grey ever known.
Yet, my thoughts still remain, beating hard inside my brain, demanding a decision be made.
Considered it must be.
Assured, there is no chance that I will discard that right, offered to me by the souls who have fought for our freedom of voice.
Time must be taken, with my intelligence truly provoked into action in order to form an opinion based on what I believe is relevant.
Difficult as it is been, I now know where I stand and make my mark.

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